Borg & Overstorm Unite | Cascade

Borg & Overstorm Unite

Available in Cold & Ambient or Hot, Cold & Sparkling and Cold Ambient & Sparkling Models


This unique high capacity water dispenser is exclusively designed for the customer looking for something different. Dispensing up to 20 litres of cold water per hour this premium dispenser is designed for showrooms, executive dining, corporate areas and hospitality.

Unique Design
There is no equivalent to this dispenser available, the tap style outlet allows bottles and jugs to be filled easily and the platform allows space to stand multiple drinks.

A Choice of Cold & Ambient, Hot & Cold & Sparkling or Cold Ambient & Sparkling.
Both the Cold & Ambient and Hot & Cold models of this cooler come with a choice to have sparkling water as an extra option. The hot water heats cup to 87ºc ideal for hot drinks, soups, noodles and more. The chilled water may be controlled between 2ºc and 8ºc. There is space in the base of the cabinet to house refillable gas canisters for the sparkling water.

Optional Extras
This cooler can is designed to be drained to waste. Perfect for high-traffic areas.

A custom branded water cooler. Have your own branding fitted to your coolers for the personalised touch. The button area can turn your standard office water cooler into a company branded water cooler that catches the eye.

Safety Features
Cascade fit a number of safety features as standard including a water block which regulates the flow of water into the dispenser and a leak stop behind the unit which cuts off the incoming supply in the unlikely event of a leak.

Cooler Performance
Chilled: 20 Litres per hour
Hot: 9 Litres Per Hour
Floor Standing: Height: 1300mm Width: 520mm Depth: 410mm