The Cascade 3 Series | Cascade

The Cascade 3 Series

Available in Cold & Ambient or Hot & Cold Models

Your choice of Floor Standing or Counter Top versions

The Water Coolers Direct Mains Office Water Cooler is compact, stylish and economical, attractive yet robust it’s suitable for most office environments and reception areas. The cooler can be fitted with an internal filter which improves water quality and taste by removing organic chemicals and odours. The huge 3.2 litre capacity makes it ideal for offices with up to 40 members of staff.

Fresh Filtered Water – always on tap

Mains filtered water coolers are cost effective and environmentally friendly. They are connected directly into your mains water supply, with the water passing through an advanced in-line filtration system that removes organic chemicals, tastes and odours, leaving only crystal clear, fresh tasting water.

A Fully Sealed System

A fully sealed drinking system that eliminates the need for your water to be exposed to daylight or human contact. This greatly minimises dust and bacterial contamination in the water cooler that is such a weakness with the on/off bottle method.

Not a Bottle in Sight

The constant supply of mains filtered water ensures that time is not wasted handling heavy bottles, valuable storage space is not lost and there is no chance of running out of water even on hot days.

Ideal for Offices with up to 40 Members of Staff

The Mains Office Cooler has a huge 3.2 litre capacity makes it ideal for offices with up to 40 members of staff.

Both Chilled & Hot / Chilled & Ambient Water Options Available

Both the Floorstanding and Desktop versions of this cooler come with a choice of either chilled & hot or chilled & ambient water. The hot water may be controlled to nearly 85ºc ideal for coffee, hot chocolate, soups and more. The chilled water may be controlled between 5ºc – 10ºc. The chilled & hot water option comes complete with a safety tap for the hot water.

Upgrade your Water Cooler with a Brita Water Filter

Upgrade your water cooler with a BRITA AquaVend water filter and enjoy cleaner, clearer, great tasting BRITA filtered water Upgrade your Water Cooler

Easy Installation

We can install the cooler for you as long as the installation address is in the UK. Alternatively install the cooler yourself using our WRAS Approved Installation Kit. Always remember our HelpDesk is just a phone call away.

FREE Installation Advice

If you would like free installation advice please feel free to contact us

Low Maintenance

All plumbed in water coolers should be sanitised 2 times a year. In addition to this if you install a filter then you will need to replace the filter every 6 months. Maintenance is easy and if you don’t want to clean the cooler yourself we can do the work for you. Please contact our Customer Helpline on 0800 279 4 278 to find out more.

Cold Water Tank

The Cold water tank featured in the Mains Office Water Cooler is made from hygienic stainless steel and is powered by an external refrigerant evaporator wrapped around the reservoir. The cold water is set between 5ºc – 10ºc for chilled Hot Water Tank The Hot water tank featured in the Chilled & hot versions of our Mains Office Water Cooler are made from hygienic stainless steel and are powered by a highly efficient internal heating element. The temperature controller is set between 70ºc – 85ºc for hot water.

Tank Capacity

Floor Standing: Chilled: 3.2 Litres – Hot: 1.5 Litres Desktop: Chilled: 3.2 Litres – Hot: 1.5 Litres

Continuous Extraction Floor Standing: Chilled: 1.5 Litres – Hot: 1.2 Litres Desktop: Chilled: 1.5 Litres – Hot: 1.2 Litres

Power Consumption Floor Standing: Chilled – 115 Watt | Hot – 450 Watt Desktop: Chilled – 100 Watt | Hot – 425 Watt Machine

Weight Machine weight: 22kg

Dimensions Floor Standing: Height:1145mm Width:300mm Depth:420mm Desktop: Height:510mm Width:300mm Depth:420mm

Electrical 220V – 240V / 13 amp provided with moulded 13 amp plug