The Cascade 5 Series | Cascade

The Cascade 5 Series

Available in Cold & Ambient or Hot & Cold Models

Your choice of Floor Standing or Counter Top versions

This great looking cooler will fit into any location including offices, reception areas, workshops, warehouses and on the factory floor. Ideal for areas with up to 40 people or for anywhere requiring intermittent usage.

Easy To Use

The push button taps are much more robust than handle taps on standard coolers and the water is dispensed from a single concealed outlet for hygiene reasons. The floor standing dispenser has a built in pop-up cup dispenser next to the drip tray and the indicator lights let you know the cooler is working perfectly.

A Choice of Cold & Ambient or Hot & Cold Water.

Both the Floor standing and Counter Top models of this cooler come with a choice of either chilled & ambient water or chilled & hot. Ambient water is perfect for those who have sensitive teeth & the hot water heats cup to 85ºc ideal for hot drinks, soups, noodles and more. The chilled water may be controlled between 5ºc and 10ºc. The chilled & hot water option comes complete with a safety tap for the hot water.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly CFC Free refrigerant R134a is used in this cooler. Safety Features Cascade fit a number of safety features as standard including a water block which regulates the flow of water into the dispenser and a leak stop behind the unit which cuts off the incoming supply in the unlikely event of a leak. The cooler itself has an automatic hot tank overheat cut-out and a double front safety mechanism with re-set button.

Tank Capacity

Floor Standing: Chilled: 3.9 Litres – Hot: 1.9 Litres Desktop: Chilled: 3.9 Litres – Hot: 1.0 Litres


Floor Standing: 18kg Desktop: 14kg


Floor Standing: Height: 1030mm Width: 334mm Depth: 353mm Desktop: Height: 562mm Width: 334mm Depth: 353mm