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Whole House Water Filters

Most of the time our tap water is treated with the chemical chlorine, the same as used to treat water in commercial swimming pools, which we would never dream of intentially drinking.  The result of chlorine in our household tap water is bad taste and odour and it can also irritate skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis when we bath or shower in it.   

Whole House Water Filters reduce the chemicals by using a media called Granular Activated Carbon, which actively absorbs contaminates and retains them within the filter.

By fitting a Whole House Water Filter you will ensure that all water used for drinking, cooking, bathing, showering, etc. is fresh, wholesome and chemical-free:

  • Complete with sediment pre-filter to remove any larger particles and debris
  • Rechargeable filter vessel for economy and to help the environmentally
  • Ideal for people suffering from skin complaints
  • Size: 18in x 18in (457mm x 203mm)
  • Will fit under most kitchen sinks

Water filters come in a variety of shapes and styles from Whole House Systems as featured here, to Limescale Reduction Methods, simple Point of use Filtered Water Taps and Bespoke Systems to reduce or remove any contaminants found in tap water.