Jet | Cascade


The JET is the perfect water cooler solution, designed for use in catering and high usage or capacity areas.. Thanks to the JET, you no longer need to buy water bottle after water bottle – think not just of the money you’ll save, but also the space! Easily attached to your mains supply, the JET preserves the hygiene of your drinking water, making every drop dispensed as safe as possible. With its stylish design, the JET fits in perfectly in any setting.

Available in both counter-top and under-counter versions, the Jet leverages the power of cutting edge technology to ensure unrivalled levels of hygiene and quality in the water dispensed.

  • Effective filters improve the taste and aroma of mains water. The filter box is separate from the JET itself, and should be located directly under the sink.
  • Patented anti-bacterial UV system protects the dispensing area (UV model only).
  • Childproof hot-water selector to dispense water at 95┬░C.
  • Controllable carbonation and temperature levels.
  • Suitable for use with any CO2 gas cylinder to give fresh, wholesome sparking water. New Ice Bank: Higher performance and efficiency.