Oasis Kalix | Cascade

Oasis Kalix

Cold & Ambient – Direct Chill

This stylish high usage unit is ideal for areas that require large quantities over a short period of time. Designed with gyms, meeting rooms, canteens and dining halls in mind the Kalix is the perfect high capacity water cooler. Ideal for areas looking to fill bottles or jugs.

Easy To Use

With push button taps and large filling area, the Kalix provides ample access to enable you to easily fill a 1 litre bottle or a large jug. The cooler has a concealed outlet and as a direct chill cooler it stores no water, making it one of the most hygienic water coolers available. The internal cup dispenser located on the lid automatically dispensers cups to the user.

Drain to Waste

With more usage comes more waste water and the Kalix is fitted with a drain to waste feature to allow the waste water to be taken away by your drainage system. Always emptying the drip tray? The Kalix will solve your problem.

A Quality Finish

Each of these coolers comes with a silver/grey finish as standard.

Safety Features

Cascade fit a number of safety features as standard including a water block which regulates the flow of water into the dispenser and a leak stop behind the unit which cuts off the incoming supply in the unlikely event of a leak


Floor Standing: Chilled: 20 Litres per Hour


Floor Standing: 23kgskg Dimensions Floor Standing: Height: 1110mm Width: 320mm Depth: 345mm