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UC800 Under Sink Water Chiller

AA UC800C Under Sink Water Chiller with Chrome Faucet A Compact, Discreet and Stylish drinking water solution for the Office Kitchen or home, the unit sits underneath the counter hidden from view and dispensers chilled filtered water by the contemporary style counter top drinking faucet.

  • Attractive chrome faucet with 1/4″ pipe attached
  • High quality material with strong corrosion resistance.
  • Hygienic stainless steel
  • External refrigerant evaporator which is mechanically wrapped around tank 1.3GAL of 50°F/HR(5L of 10°C)
  • Convection cooled condenser
  • Temperature is controlled to 35.6°F~53.6°F(2°C~12°C) by adjustable thermostat, easily accessible at the back of cabinet
  • 16.1″W(410mm)X8.3″D(210mm)X14.4″H(290mm)

uc800-under-sink-chiller---jpeg UC800-Under-Sink-Chiller-Chrome-Faucet---jpeg