Why Filtered Water? | Cascade

Why Filtered Water?

Is Filtered Water Good For My Health?

Water is the fundamental ingredient in a healthy diet and lifestyle. It is now universally accepted by most medical bodies that we should drink at least 8 glasses of fresh, clean, wholesome water each day. The health benefits of filtered water are numerous and unprecedented.

How Do Cascade Water Filter Systems Work?

Chlorine, toxins, lead, nitrates and numerous other contaminates are removed or reduced using the filtration media Granular Activated Carbon (G.A.C). Chemicals are removed from the water by a process called ‘adsorption’, which simply means they bond to the carbon.

Silver is impregnated in the carbon, which acts as a sterilant and stops bacteria growing inside the unit.

What Proof Is Available?

  • Medical Bodies
  • Independent Tests
  • World Health Organisations
  • Nutritional & Dietary Experts

What Applications Do Cascade Water Filters Have?

Cascade Water Systems provides a full range of water filtration systems equipment:-

  • Point of Use, Under Sink Units
  • Whole-House Treatment
  • Limescale Reduction Filters /
  • Commercial / Industrial Units